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Contemporary Dance, Choreography-Theatre, and the Kathakali Dance-Theatre
Heading his way for choreography in the 70s, Richard Tremblay immerses himself into the choreographic theater, authoring several stage works with Téâtram, his company at the time. Among his early works, Madam's Being Carried Away (1975-78) is invited to the Baltimore New Theater Festival, next to performances in India at the National School of Drama and the Jawaharlal Nehru University, in Delhi, and the Tagore Theater, in Srinagar. Constantly in search for new codes in the dance and the theater, Richard Tremblay attends the Indian National School of Kathakali. After his six-year Kathakali training, he creates The Iliad or The Anger of Achilles (1988), a masterwork that he revives in Bombay (1991), and in Singapore (2000). As an interpret of dance, he continues to impersonnate Kathakali characters on the stage.
With The Anger of Achilles, choreographer Richard Tremblay has contributed to the Kathakali repertoire. His contemporary dance work is considerably influenced by this intense rapport to the Kathakali dance-theatre. Following a residency at the Odile Duboc’s Centre chorégraphique de Belfort, in France, he choreographs Prayer for a Rope, a Pope, And a Rogue (2003), a contemporary dance work, with six dancers and four musicians, to light and stage design by one of Peter Brook’s close associates, Jean-Guy Lecat, in a co presentation by Richard Tremblay’s company, Danse Kalashas, and the Usine C Theater, in Montreal. His most recent creation, The Legends of Jil & Yill (2004-05), remains particularly faithful to the choreographer’s development, given its integration of the text and music with the matter of the dance. Also figuring on the list of his contemporary dances are: Curve in Snowflake (1995), Heaps of percolation (1993), Paradox of the Burning Sky (1992), The Attracteur of Ezhikode (1991), Of Mice and Other Similar Devices (1990), and Indra (1986). Richard Tremblay holds a PhD degree in kathakali from the Keralakalamandalam Deemed University for Arts and Culture.

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